Projects: Potentially perfect launching pads for building a better-feeling career.

I’m all for using imagination, but it’s not great for testing how something feeels in reality. So if you want a better-feeling career but are stuck, start a project. And if you don’t have a project calling your name, work on someone else’s that you’re curious about—you just might get hooked or get ideas of your own.

My project of writing a book lead to this website and the projects below that I’m birthing soon; I foresee the community center keeping me busy for decades…



“Your work is to discover your work and then with all your heart to give yourself to it.”—Buddha.

“STRIDING GIANT: A Recovering Over-Thinker Finds Her Footing in Her Career” is a tale about my work to discover my work, which I hope will help you to discover yours, or to make other better-feeling changes in your life.

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I’ve dreamed off and on about running a community center since I was a teenager. Now, it’s time for that dream to come to life. I’m launching it online and am planning on bringing people together in community-based venues across the country, eventually, and finding the center at least one brick and mortar home.


The center’s mission is to promote worker welfare in America. More specifically, it will strive to help existing small business owners to make more money and build wealth, and help aspiring business owners—particularly workers over 40—to get started in that direction. The center will also strive to help people gain and stay in good health (and not lose wages due to illness or lose savings due to medical bills), and to improve conditions for exploited—including enslaved—workers in the U.S.


The center plans to meet its mission primarily through public service storytelling, including marketing selected nonprofits and emerging for-profit businesses, with a focus on businesses in food, fashion and founded by people over 40. The center also plans to connect existing and aspiring business owners and other members of its community to resources, whether health, wealth and career coaches and mentors, low-cost information products or trainings. The center will strive to promote worker welfare more generally by creating advertising campaigns to engage consumers to leverage their spending power to “encourage” big businesses with bad practices to reform.


The center will welcome all who are interested, but hopes to primarily attract connectors: people who love bringing people together and/or love making discoveries and “connecting” their finds to family and friends. Whether connectors or not, the center also hopes to attract people in the following three groups: people who are passionate, or curious, about telling stories and using design for the purpose of uniting people and improving lives, people who are intent on, or considering, improving their own lives through small business ownership, and people who are keen on interacting with others in person—across cultures and generations—to socialize, break bread, grapple with issues and/or learn new skills.

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