Personal Projects: Potentially perfect launching pads for creating a great career.

I’m all for using imagination, but it’s not great for testing how something feeels in reality. So if you want a better-feeling career but are stuck, start a project. And if you don’t have a project calling your name, work on someone else’s that you’re curious about—you just might get hooked or get ideas of your own.

My project of writing a book lead to this website and the projects below that I’m birthing soon; I foresee my marketing platforms keeping me busy for years…



“Your work is to discover your work and then with all your heart to give yourself to it.”—Buddha.

“STRIDING GIANT: A Recovering Over-Thinker Finds Her Footing in Her Career” is a tale about my work to discover my work, which I hope will help you to discover yours.

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Dreaming about this project has been a joy, but in 2020 it needs to come to life. It will be a small baby at birth, and grow up big and strong from there.

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