Their pupils dilate & heart rates hasten.

They’re falling in love…with your brand.

That’s the dream, but here’s the reality:

You’re new in business and aren’t sure what to say to attract prospects.

Or you’ve been in business a while, but aren’t connecting with people well.

Either way, it’s time to turn up the heat for the lovin’ you want.

It’s time to experience my K.I.S.S.—Kindliness In Strategic Storytelling.

What’s perfect is that my k.i.s.s. is on demand. Call me when you want to work with me and my passion (for telling tales) is yours.

So why would we spend our precious moments storytelling?

The answer is contained nicely in the words of Christina Baldwin:
Words are how we think; stories are how we link.

And it goes without saying that you must link with customers or clients to serve them. What may not be as obvious is this:

In business, your brand tells a story.

With your help I exceeded my sponsorship expectation. I went from 2 [in-kind] sponsors in my first year to 6 to 10 recurring [financial] sponsors for three years running.


I look forward to working with you on other projects and I definitely will be referring you because You Are Top Notch. Thank You.

—Taranji Lynn Alvarado, creator of Community, A Sound Creation


What exactly is your brand, you wonder?

I’ll put it like this: Your business is the source of what you sell; your brand is like your business’ personality. Just as a person’s personality has a look and voice that attracts or repels romance prospects, a brand does the same with prospective customers or clients.

Your brand affects the $weetness of your life; it isn’t something leave to chance.

True, you can’t control how people will perceive your brand. But you can decide how you intend it to be and make people feel.

I can help you build a brand that “be” attractive to the people you want to woo.

Working with Mary-Elizabeth is like having a personal translator in your mind who translates your thoughts into brilliant ones! When I partnered with her to help me with my brand messaging, I had no idea just how delicious the experience would be. She is a wordsmith like none other and I was blown away by her ability to highlight my ideas in concise, creative and impactful ways. More importantly, however, was the fact that she understood me and the personality of the brand I was working to breathe new life into.


Mary-Elizabeth has an uncanny ability to see possibilities for what can be and she magically brings them to life. During our consultations, I would always end up feeling like I owed her more pay because I’d get what I came for and so much more, including ideas and strategies about other areas of my business.


I find delight in knowing that I have a designated go to person for consultations about my brand. No longer even have to think about it. She is an ideal partner in every sense and I’m thrilled with the work she has done for me.

—Monica Moody, Founder, Owning Change


Mary-Elizabeth helped us at Bookbright Media understand what was unique about our business and how best to communicate that. Without her, we never would have understood the importance of narratives and stories to everything we do.


Thanks to Mary-Elizabeth, our website communications are truly top-notch!

—Cinqué Hicks, Director, Bookbright Media


To help you strut your stuff in the marketplace, here’s what we’ll wrap our minds around:

Why your brand exists:
People fall for brands with a purpose beyond making money.

How your brand is different:
Or, why would prospects pick your brand over another making a similar offer?

Your ideal prospects:
Business is about building relationships; relationships feel best with people you love.

How your brand can add value:
The sky’s the limit, but we’ll focus on things you’ll loving doing for the people you serve.

The words and look for a brand that speaks to your ideal prospects:
Would you date a sloppy-looking person who said sloppy-sounding stuff? Prospects aren’t attracted to brands like that either.


So how much does strategic storytelling cost?

It depends.

It depends on the time it takes to clarify the basics of your business.

It depends on the time it takes to craft your core marketing messages and a tantalizing tagline, if you want one.

Just know that I mean to make the most of your money. So…

I wrote a workbook to keep your costs down by getting you started on your own.

My hope is that once you do the workbook you won’t need me.

If you do, I’m here. If you don’t, go on with your enterprising self.

Even when my day job was to understand and explain myriad facets of business and entrepreneurship, I needed help when it came to finding clarity and confidence for my own endeavor.


Without Mary-Elizabeth, I would have spent another year on ideas that didn’t work, and would have made several common marketing mistakes. She had great advice on everything from my business name, to my website design, to free and inexpensive tools for managing communications.


Within two months of launching I had clients that will bring steady business, so I’ll continue to call on her as my business grows and my needs evolve.

—Jennifer Oladipo, business writer


So here’s how this works:

You do the workbook.

If after you’re done you want to talk things out, send me an email at Mimi[at]MimiHarmon[dot]com and we’ll set up a call.

My fee is $150 for a 90-minute, telephone-based strategy session.

If the call leaves you wanting more of my passion (for storytelling), we can work out the details of a future relationship from there.

Mary-Elizabeth is a Sculptor of words. Her ability to delve into the essence of the subject and pull out gems …is Talent and a true Gift.

—Tanisha Nicholson, Fertile Ground Development



Payment: Due in full at time of booking.

Refunds: No refunds for missed sessions or after services are rendered.

Rescheduling: Rescheduling must occur within 24 hours of original appointment or a $25 fee accrues; rescheduled appointments must occur within 30 days of original appointment. No cancellations.

Disclaimer: Sessions cannot guarantee particular outcomes, such as increased customers, clients, or earnings. Advice provided and statements regarding outcomes are expressions of opinion only.

Paying for a session constitutes acceptance of these policies. Thank you.