D is for Discern

A college friend of mine called me an inappropriate black person.

In his eyes, things about me, as far as black people went, were unsuitable.

My accent was unsuitable.

My hair was unsuitable.

My way of dressing was unsuitable.

And my taste in music: quite unsuitable.

The joke, of course, was that it was completely absurd that skin color could dictate the appropriateness, or not, of a person’s tastes and behaviors.

“Appropriate” wasn’t a word I tended to use before my friend poked fun at me, and it certainly wasn’t one I used after—who was I to deem something appropriate or not for another person?

So it came as a surprise to me that I used “appropriate” in the last line of my previous post:

Or you be acting funky while waiting for appropriate stuff!

What I think happened was that I softened to “appropriate” while reading it in a book—The Seat of the Soul—in which its use seemed…appropriate.

Naturally, I can’t find the word in the book now that I’m looking for a specific use to show you, but what the book was saying is that there are appropriate—or fitting—things to do in the pursuit of authentic power, or using one’s personality to evolve one’s soul.

Recognizing the existence of universal intelligences higher than our own and asking them for guidance are two of those appropriate things.

These are ideas I tried to convey in my “A is for Ask” post.

But I seriously missed the mark.

For starters, “guidance” is nowhere to be found in anything I wrote.

Secondly, the notion of asking for stuff shows up a few times.

“Stuff” tends to communicate material things, which God and your guardian angels may be perfectly happy to give us.

Only that wasn’t the thrust of what I intended to say.

When I pray, I don’t ask God and my angels for material things anyway (although I’ll confess to praying for money at times to stop the credit card company from calling me).

And whereas I’d love to feel the impulse to pray more prayers of thanks, the truth is that I mostly pray from a place of emotional distress or when looking to improve something in my life.

When I pray, I’m asking for a way forward or a way out.

In other words, when I pray, I’m essentially asking for guidance on how to feel better.

And I trust that if I Ask, it shall be given to me.

And you can have the same trust too.

But oh if it were just that simple:

Even if I manage to ask appropriately—or in a way most fitting of manifesting my truest intentions—I can’t say that I always catch the celestial answers.

Celestial answers are mostly subtle, in my experience of them.

They can come as feelings. Or dreams. Or in the lyrics of a song. Or from the page of a book.

Or through events that we don’t particularly like.

But they do come.

So my prayer—my ask—is to learn to discern vital information universal intelligences offer me.

I almost called this message “D is for Damage Control” because I kind of botched my last post.

Instead, I decided to write an ending today closer to what I wish I’d written before:

If guidance is what you want, ask for it.

And expect it to be given to you.

But also know that it could take some learning to discern what all you’re offered.