Branding is like flirting:

If you send the right signals, you’ll get the right results.

The right result for your brand?

Providing service and making money at it.

The problem is that you’re feeling sheepish about what signals to send to get attention.

After all, you’ve just put yourself out there in business.

But relax—I’ve got you with this resource:

Break-It-Down Branding Workbook:
A step-by-step guide to capture minds in the marketplace and make more money.


Happy users say…

I was floundering on how to get my message across, but after going through the exercises, my ideas have flowed easily. What had taken me months to try and figure out, is now almost completed after a few days.

I used the Break It Down Branding workbook when I wanted to scale up my business and knew I had to get serious about branding in order to attract the clients I wanted…. The workbook helped clear away a lot of clutter and kept me focused on what matters. It also made me feel ready to make a significant investment in a new website and branding, and the designer was impressed with how many aspects of my brand I already had defined before engaging their services.

Distilled into 29 pages to give you the goods quickly, clearly, and in a print-friendly format, this document will help you strut your small biz stuff by exploring the following and more:

Why your brand exists:
People fall for brands with a purpose beyond making money.

How your brand is different:
Or, why would prospects pick your brand over another making a similar offer?

Your ideal prospects:
Business is about building relationships; relationships feel best with people you love.

How your brand can add value:
The sky’s the limit, but we’ll focus on things you’ll loving doing for the people you serve.

The words and look for a brand that speaks to your ideal prospects:
Would you date a sloppy-looking person who said sloppy-sounding stuff?
Well, prospects don’t pursue brands like that either.

Branding is like flirting: Sending confusing signals confuses prospects.

Confused prospects use their credits cards on brands making clear offers that stir the emotions.

GRAB THE WORKBOOK to get clear and feel the financial love.