Mimi’s tales of transformation through intuition.

“AWAKENING GIANT: An Over-Thinker Finds a Better-Feeling Life,” is book one of my memoir trilogy and is currently on vacation; book two, “STRIDING GIANT: A Recovering Over-Thinker Finds Her Footing in Her Career,” is coming in late 2019.

About Awakening Giant…

At the height of a health crisis brought on by decades of passionless work, Mimi Harmon started listening to her gut. This charming and insightful book tells the story of her journey to become an HIV researcher and beyond; a journey that led the Ann Arbor native to Nairobi, Kenya, as a child, and back to the U.S. through five cities and a small South Carolina town.

Awakening Giant reads like a conversation among friends—a discussion about finding a life that fits. Join Harmon on her journey…it just might be the start of your own.


Awakening Giant Love…

I highly recommend it to people who are searching for a way to find meaningful work that feeds the soul. Mimi speaks from experience and uses honesty and humor to drive her point home…. I was so inspired by her story that I ordered two more copies for friends!

I couldn’t put it down, but by 11 PM my eyes were saying ENUF! I slept well and had good thought-provoking dreams about life…instead of my usual horrible nightmares about work!

The author combines a great blend of intelligence and humor keeping me interested and asking, what happens next. From her life in Africa to returning to the states, this book was full of surprises…