This site is about helping you live a better-feeling life, particularly around your career.

Hi, I’m Mimi Harmon, and here’s my philosophy:

A better-feeling life consists of better-feeling moments.
But it’s in everyday moments that we most derail our lives.

A co-worker makes a comment that you seethe about for days.
(Including the days that you were going to work on your business plan.)

You read about someone’s book deal and spend hours crying that your breakthrough hasn’t come.
(Instead of working on that article that could gain you attention.)

You get cut off in traffic and now your morning is ruined.
(The same morning you’re giving a presentation to get a promotion.)

Put another way, the more time you spend feeling emotionally out of sorts, the less capacity you have to live and create better-feeling moments that make a better-feeling life.

I focus on career because mine felt so bad for so long that it hurt other areas of my life; thankfully, it feels better now because of storytelling. I’m still working to make a living at it, but won’t wait to “arrive” to share what I’ve learned, and am learning, along the way.

Through my stories, you’ll get ideas and practical tips for proactively making your life feel better.
Just as
importantly, you’ll get musings about little stuff that can send you astray in big ways.

You can learn from my experiences, so I write about them. Even the unflattering ones. Particularly, I write about re-framing events in a better-feeling way to free myself—and you—to get on with great things.

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This site is for anyone wanting to feel better emotionally, but particularly seeks people wanting to feel better by building a business and who are…

  1. open to matters about God (the loving, not angry one).
  2. on a mission to make and use money as a tool for social change.
  3. committed to growing their financial literacy.
  4. in the creative arts and/or crazy about style and design.
  5. kindly connectors—of people to people and people to information.

This site is founded on
five core principles:

  1. As within, so without. In other words, our internal climate drives our outer reality.
  2. Our mindset dictates our internal climate, or emotions.
  3. Our emotions indicate where we are in relation to what we truly desire, even if we don’t know what that is; the better-feeling our emotions, the closer we are, and vice versa.
  4. Imagination is a tool for finding better-feeling emotions and dreaming up a new direction.
  5. Intuition—or gut instincts—is guidance that gets us where we want to go.

Now that you have the basics about this site, get the basics about me.