Hi, I’m Mary-Elizabeth “Mimi” Harmon.

I hadn’t planned to use my doctorate to pack groceries at Trader Joe’s, but there I was.

The experience turned out to be good for me, but it didn’t always feel that way.

After getting rejected for other jobs, I felt at once crestfallen and cocky that Dr. Harmon had too much to offer to spend time making double bags all day.

Yet when I wasn’t at the store, I hid at home—locked in place by the prospect of answering the question, “What do you do?”

But the hiding had really started ages before, after I stopped working as an analyst to address a health crisis triggered by my stifling career.

So deep was my dread for facing work-related questions that I even sort of hid from my family.

But finally, I pushed myself too far:

I thought myself into a depression that I could possibly live my life doing jobs that I had to do, not work that I wanted to do, and that I’d live my life feeling anguished as a result.

Finally, I’d caused myself to suffer enough; I got clear on next steps and started over.

And life feels better for it.

Maybe your story is different than mine, but your desire to do fulfilling work is just the same.

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